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Everyone in the world is currently joyned together in spirit,

through the challenge of caring for our own and eachother´s health.


During this time at home, we are preparing special new projects to inspire you with the passion to live your dreams! We will keep you posted of our news and further updates, soon!


Stay healthy and be strong!

Janet & Marc






Our Highlights

in Fuessen 2021

Janet & Marc alias

Empress Elisabeth & King Ludwig II.

The musical stage roles of two of the most famous historical figures of the 19th century in Europe:

"Empress Elisabeth of Austria" and "King Ludwig II." brought us to beautiful Fuessen, Bavaria. Ever since, we have been inspired to do our best to touch the hearts of our audiences with our authenticity, our voices and our productions as "the Empress & the King".


We both previously played leading roles in international musical productions but when we met on stage  in Fuessen 2005, we discovered a shared passion and it quickly became clear that our imperial roles would change our lives forever. Moved by the life and work of King Ludwig II., we made Fuessen our adopted home, performing concerts throughout the region and internationally.


In 2007, we conceptualized and created the KÖNIGSGALA ("The King´s Gala") to celebrate the birthday of the King, which has become a favorite yearly tradition in Bavaria. International musical guest stars are invited every year to perform in this unforgettable event.

(>> "The King´s Gala" - find out more here)


In 2016 we fulfilled a long-awaited dream - that of our own musical:

DER SCHWANENPRINZ ("The Swan Prince") is the world´s first musical on a ship with scenes on land and plays directly in front of Neuschwanstein Castle. It tells the inspirational story of King Ludwig II. The audience travels in the twilight across the Forggensee (lake in front of Neuschwanstein Castle) and is witness to the King´s dream world, which comes alive through scenes on board the ship and on land.

Composer is Nic Raine, English orchestrater, arranger and conductor of all of our CDs.

(>> "The Swan Prince" - find out more here)


The story of the "Swan Prince" is also available as a children´s book, called THE WISH PRINCE, in which the main message of our musical "Live your dream" is shared with children. In a night-time ritual, THE WISH PRINCE empowers families to share their deepest hopes, wishes and dreams with each other and find steps together to make these dreams come true.

(>> "The Wish Prince" children´ s book - find out more here)




Our Children´s Book Project

at elementary schools

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